Saturday, 4 June 2011

Yin and Yang part one

Dead, they were all dead. Friends, enemies, all of them, dead. Yin stared at the hands that she had used to kill so many. She wanted to curl up and let the misery and grief envelope her. Yin couldn’t do that, then all that effort, everything that her friends had done to get her this far would be for nothing. Yin stood, her purple orbs of eyes, usually so luminous and bright, were now dull and glazed. Her mattered black hair was now splattered with the blood of others, just like her pale face.
“Go.” The weak voice was almost unrecognisable, but Yin knew who it was. She turned, tears in her eyes.
“I’m so sorry, Yang.” Yang lay, his eyes were white and his hair was silver. His chest was ruined, ripped up savagely by her, By Yin. She had done it. Yin pulled out a purple pendant from under her black shirt. She felt like throwing it into the sea. The pendant was suspended from a plain, black, plaited cord. The pendant shone, purple light streamed out of it. The yellow crescent moon symbol remained dull. Yin had managed to light the crystal partly, but she still needed to light the rest of it.
“Yin, the time crystal is awakening. You must hurry.”
“Yang, I can’t just leave you here! This is my fault. I can’t believe I just lost control like that…” Yin felt like crying, but that was not her way. Yang was open and Yin was closed.
“I don’t blame you. You didn’t act of your own will today.” 

Yang's words echoed through her head, and then the world shattered around her, the vision disappeared and Yin was brought back to the present.


  1. whoa! a follower!!!!!!! in shock. lol im not sure really that was a bit of a one off......BUT. I have another story which holds more promise. right now it is 3000 words or something and STILL NOT DONE. but I will post some of it....soon.